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Induction lamps

Induction Lamps

Induction Lamps are a new and high-technological energy-saving product based on gas discharge principle of the fluorescent lamp and high frequency electromagnetic induction principle and it lasts up to 100,000 hours of operation – which is up to 5 times the rated life of other lamps on the market and do not need extra cost for maintenance. The completely sealed lamp envelope has no filaments or electrodes to burn out. Power is transferred to the interior of the lamp by means of a strong magnetic field generated by inductors which are external to the lamp envelope - there are no electrodes going through the glass walls of the lamp.

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  • Main uses of induction lighting:
    • High-Ceiling Applications
    • Difficult Access Area
    • Street Lighting/ Motorway Lighting
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Bridges
    • Tunnels
    • Car Park
    • Supermarkets
    • Warehouses
    • Shops
    • Public spaces
  • Main benefits of induction lighting: 
    • Extremely Long Performance Life - 100,000 Hours
    • Energy Efficiency - Reduce energy costs up to 60%
    • Unique Chip Technology - Instant start up, no warm up period
    • High Luminous Maintenance - 80% over 10 years
    • High Efficiency with excellent quality of light output - Ideal for use in where CCTV operating area
    • Low Heat Generation
    • Stable Light Output - no influence caused by the voltage fluctuation
    • No glare & flickering - Easy on eyes 
    • Environmental Friendly - Less mercury content released into the environment over time.
    • Longest Warranty in lighting market - 5 years warranty with maintenance free.

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