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LED Spotlights

iQ Eco-Light LED Super Bright spot lamp deliver superior efficacy of light and features high lumen maintenance and stable performance, is the perfect replacement for less energy-efficient, hotter halogen lamps as a safe and durable light source, iQ Eco-Light  LED Lamp is eco-friendly, illuminating without mercury, infrared or UV rays, with our latest high quality powerful LED and unique thermal control technology.

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  • Main uses of LED Spotlights :
    • Direct Halogen Bulbs Replacement
    • Hotel, Restaurant & Hair Dressers
    • Retail & Industrial lighting
    • Residential
  • Main benefits of LED Spotlights :
    • Extremely Long Performance Life-30,000-50,000 Hours
    • Energy Efficiency - Reduce energy costs up to 90%
    • Unique Chip Technology - Instant start up, no warm up period
    • Eco-friendly, no mercury, infrared or UV rays

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