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Ceiling lights

LED Ceiling Lights

LED lighting is the future of home and commercial lighting around the world. By simply switching to LED you too can be a part of this revolution, reducing our carbon footprint and helping to build a healthier environment for future generations. LEDs are not only cleaner and greener but considerably cheaper overall. See your bills fall, saving up to 90% on energy consumption, and on replacement with LED light fitting having a significantly longer lifespan (50,000 hours) not to mention less polluting It makes economic and environmental sense to switch to LED Lights for a brighter, smarter tomorrow. iQ LED downlight fitting fitted with build-in LED chips, so it does not requied any lightbulb

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  • Main uses of LED Ceiling Lights :  
    • Residential & Retail Application
    • Hotel, Restaurant
    • Home & Office
  • Main benefits of LED Ceiling Lights:
    • Extremely Long Performance Life - 50,000 Hours
    • Energy Efficiency - Reduce energy costs up to 80%
    • With built-in LED chips, so it does not requied light bulb

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